Basic guiding factors in life

  1. Never show greed for other’s wealth. Pay for your own purchases and do not have others pay for you.
  2. Always have principles in your thoughts and actions as well. Prayers and meditation are good to the extent you show the principles in action in your life.
  3. Half truth is equal to a lie. Be truthful always. Power of truth is extreme – to the extent that there is a meditation by truth – in the sense that if you speak only truth you are on constant meditation. If have only spoken truth in your life then you are a highly spiritual person even if you have never sat down to meditate in the traditional manner. It’s never too late to start in this path for anyone.
  4. Never have greed in life and avoid being a miser too.
  5. Donate or help a needy to the extent it’s possible for you.
  6. Live within your means at all times. Period.
  7. Have some fixed goals in your life and once you meet them and you feel that you are financially secure in that level, try to donate the extra wealth you earn post that.
  8. Spend at least 30 minutes daily for meditation.
  9. Spend at least 30 minutes daily with your family or loved ones without any distraction.
  10. Sleep early and wake up early.
  11. Drink plenty of water daily.
  12. Walk a minimum of 30 minutes daily.

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