Books have been a source of information and entertainment for the masses for many centuries. Loads of wonderful books have been written that have enriched the lives of many people. However, in the recent years, a down slide is observed in the book reading and the importance of the books has lessened. Books containing fictitious tales are still loved by people and there is no decrease in the liking of these books. In many particular instances, movies have also been made on some novels but for those who can form their own world of imagination, books are the prime choice.
Calamity has hit the Informative and non fictitious books that have seen the worst setback in this down sliding trend. One of the major reasons of this is the excessive usage of the technologies like internet. It is quicker, easier and a more convenient way of acquiring information and knowledge in comparison to the books. Latest gadgets like cell phones and computers enable a person to get whatever information he needs easily. The individual doesn’t have to work hard to find that specific book. He or she simply has to type few words and the desired information is there.
Sometimes these non-fiction books are prejudiced and provide wrong information to achieve the sinister designs of the author. The reasons for these books’ unpopularity are the biased views of the author and the lack of accurate information in the book. Many historical and political books are devoid of the facts and have the germs of the narrow-minded attitude of the author. In contrast internet provides you with many various options with which you can verify the authenticity of that particular information.
Now something about the fiction books, these books would always be loved and appreciated by its readers, because these books take them to new worlds and interesting places. In whatever form fiction books will remain there be it in customary paper or on the virtual world of internet. It is the story or whatever written in these books matters the most. The demand of these types of books would always be there.
One can’t deny that these touchable and hardcopy books are becoming old fashioned as there is increasing trend of the usage of the e books. It is but evident that most people don’t like to read books and spend most of their time watching TV and playing video games and are not interested in reading any books. However there is and will be a great number of people who take great pleasure in reading good quality books. These latest technologies can get rid of the paper but the soul of the book can never end. The change that is brought on by the revolution in the technology has transformed book reading though. Nowadays, you read the book by glazing at the screen instead of the paper.

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